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As I am due to have an operation on my hand, this weekend will be the last time I shall be able to ride my A10. After a breakdown at the Summer Camp (magneto problems), I was lucky to have the services of the International Repair Team who fitted the spare magneto that I had with me, as the weather was so bad I was unable to take a test ride.

Bikes where checked out day before, couple of problems were found, but all sorted by end of the day. We loaded up on Friday morning and at 13.30 Peter on the A65 and me on the A10 plunger headed off into the sunshine and the 85 kilometre journey to Melderslo-Horst aan de Maas. Both bikes going well we turned onto the E314 and then up onto the A2 direction Eindhoven. We were nearing the Sittard exit when my bike started to slow up, I made a hasty retreat towards the hard shoulder, where the engine died. I had only ridden 13 kilometres  it would seem the mag that was fitted at the Summer Camp was playing up, the bike showed no sign of life. As I was only about 1½ kilometre from the exit I decided to push the bike off the busy motorway, not a place to be on a busy Friday afternoon. Peter left me and travelled back home for the car and bike trailer. We loaded the A10 onto the trailer and decided that I would drive up to the rally and Peter would ride the A65. I was thinking that it might be just a small glitch and there may be someone there with magneto knowledge.

We finally arrived at 17.30, at Motorcamping d’n Toerstop, this is a camp just for motorcyclists, no cars allowed in camping area. There are plenty of camping spaces, a bunk house and 4 cabins. There is a bar on site, toilets and free showers. The BSA area was to the back of the camping field and here we found the BSA marquee and Frans Hendriks cooking Pannenkoeken (pancakes), so first things first Frans handed Peter a beer and we told him I had broken down, but had trailerd the bike up hoping to fix it so I could go on the ride out on Saturday.

After setting up camp, eaten our pancakes, we pushed my bike down to the tent (no trailers were allowed in camping area either). Time to settle down and catch up with friends, we were the only non-Dutch at the rally. Prices were set at €1 for beer and wine and you helped yourself from the fridge. They operated the usual card system and you ticked off your card each time you got a drink. Later on we were shown a film outside, this was a British comedy starring Terry Thomas, the film was about 3 airmen shot down and parachuted into occupied Paris and their hilarious escape back to Blighty. I did not get the title but was in English with Dutch subtitles.

We were up at 8.30 Saturday morning, Jan Papendrecht and Renѐ (Fran’s brother) were cooking eggs and bacon for breakfast, I was surprised to see that Frans had taken my bike and had already been looking at the magneto. He changed the points but to no avail there was no life at all, Frans did offer to put his spare mag on the bike, but we decided not to take up the offer – you never know he may have needed it himself. That was it I would not be riding the A10 I would have to go pillion on the A65 – 2 magnetos kaput in one year.

The ride out was put together by Jan Papendrecht, Jan was also the main organiser for the weekend rally.
At 11.00 26 bikes left the campsite for the ride out, it was a sunny morning. After 42k we made a stop for petrol, then onward through typical Dutch countryside, we passed greenhouses growing tomatoes, fields of asparagus and flowers and of course the odd couple of windmills. After 61K we ended up at the Maas and boarded a ferry, all the bikes fitted onto the same crossing and at 65K we arrived at our lunch stop Café “Malle Jan” Plasmolen.

We left for the next section of the ride at 14.00. Unbeknown to the group Frans on his A10 with his brother as passenger had broken down, a broken con rod resulting in them being relayed back to base.

The rest of the group were back on the road and after 111K we ended up at De Ijsvogel , Graanbranderij (Brewhouse / distillery)we were given a guided tour of the water mill and a drink at the end. The mill was over 4 floors and still had in place 4 grinding stones, distillery equipment and was able to grind flour, hops, and berries for Jeniever. The tour was all in Dutch, a shame as he was very informative and went down well with the group.
Time was getting on, we left for the final section of the ride, at 113K we boarded another ferry back across the Maas and after 120K we arrived back at base at 17.30.

The evening meal was a BBQ, this started at 18.30. All the food was put out in the marquee, you went and chose your meat and then cooked it yourself on the BBQ, and there was plenty of bread and salad also available.

In the onsite bar they had a band playing for the evening, the band was called Iese/Daase an AC/DC tribute band, they were good, but very loud and played late into the night.

Renѐ and Jan were once again on breakfast duty Sunday morning, no hurry we packed up and left for home at 11.30.
The weekend was good, well organised, perfect venue, even the weather behaved. Praise must go to Jan for putting together the most enjoyable ride out I have been on, stops at the right distances, comfortable riding speed – shame I was a passenger and not riding

Thanks to everyone for an enjoyable weekend

Theresa  Twyman