De 59e Internationale BSA Rally 2022

The tours, general information

The Camping Polleur is located in Theux in the province of Liege.

This province offers a wide range of beautiful locations for touring and visiting.
We have made a selection of short and longer rides.
The beautiful destinations can be visited alone or in a group.
BUT unfortunately we can’t arrive anywhere with a group of 300 pers.
That is why we have opted not to make fixed day trips, but free trips that you can do alone or in smaller groups on a day and time of your choice. As a result, there is no mass crowd at these places and you can enjoy these locations in peace, and quietly tour this beautiful region.

Please note, groups with more than 50 motorcycles must have at least 2 road captains!!

This is with a fluorescent vest with the mention “road captain” and a small traffic sign C3

Without motorways, highways and with as few major roads as possible, we ride along the many beautiful rural roads, with a detour, to the destination. You can pay a nice visit there or just a refreshment and continue along other rural roads, again with a detour, back to the Camping Polleur. If desired, all routes can be made longer or shortened or a short-cut can be taken in order to choose another or the fastest way to the Campsite and this on your own initiative and must be mapped out yourself.

In Wallonia, the speed limit on regional roads is 90km/hr 56mls/hr unless otherwise stated.
Because of road conditions and the unclear bents, we recommend 70km/hr 44mls/hr.

In built-up areas the speed is 50km/hr 31mls/hr unless otherwise stated (30).
This part of the country is a motorcyclist’s paradise and many motorcyclist’s think they are everywhere on the Francorchamps circuit, so the Police are not very popular on motorcycles and there are many checks on speeds AND on excessive and unnecessary noise!

So no Harley rituals please!

Dress code;
Legal approved helmet,
long sleeves,
gloves WITH fingers,
long pants
shoes higher than the ankles.
High visible and protecting clothing is recommended!

To prepare yourself and install sat nav,  GPX file

Depending on the brand of GPS, the maps used and the updates, minor deviations may occur!

The arrival points will of course remain the same.

We wish you many safe kilometers/miles and unforgettable touring and sightseeing pleasure.


SATURDAY 09/07/22 Start of the Rally week, arrivals, booking in,

Free Evening meal

SUNDAY 10/07/22 Official opening of the rally at 11 am
Ride out (individual) and live music

MONDAY 11/07/22 Line up at Lac de la Gileppe & light lunch

TUESDAY/ WEDNESDAY Ride to Francorchamps with light lunch +
12/07/22 + 13/07/22 visitor center + circuit tour
TUESDAY/ WEDNESDAY Ride out (individual)
Afternoon tea-only ladies

Depending on program in Francorchamps

THURSDAY 14/07/22 International secretaries meeting in the morning

Ride out (individual)
Dinner & Dance

FRIDAY 15/07/22 Ride out (individual)
Evening BBQ and music

SATURDAY 16/07/22 Time to say goodbye

Camping Polleur in the Ardennes
Rte du Congrès de Polleur 53
4910 Polleur (Theux)

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